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# 1 16-12-2008 , 05:33 PM
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Where is my translation handle?

Yesterday, for some unknown reason, my translation handle vanished in maya. I have not been able to get it to come back. By translation handle I am referring to the "X,Y,Z" widget that appears on objects when you hit "T". My scale and rotation widgets appear fine, but for some reason the translation one is lost. I'd rather not have to delete my prefs to get this back. Is there a shortcut that I inadvertently hit to hide it?


# 2 16-12-2008 , 06:23 PM
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maybe you made it really small....? hit the + key on your keypad

that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

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# 3 16-12-2008 , 06:39 PM
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do you just have grey lines when you press the "W" key ??

I had a problem with that the other week - it was a driver problem.

# 4 16-12-2008 , 07:22 PM
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Thanks for the tips...I ended up just deleting my prefs user added image But I'll have to try hitting "+" next time first. Maya can be very strange sometimes...

# 5 03-03-2012 , 08:20 PM
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Here's how I get them to come back.

It happens to me occasionally, which probably means I *should* delete my prefs, but I get them to come back by using the MMB slider tool on one of the axes inputs in the channel box.

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