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Modeling problem - mug handle doesn't look right

Hi all, I'm a Maya beginner. Just trying to model this mug with a handle. First I made the body of the cup, which looks fine, then I extruded the two faces where the two ends of the handle connect to the cup, and made them smaller, then I bridged the two new faces and edited the curve. But as you can see, the two spots where the handle attaches to the cup look so weird. I've tried to make the handle in different ways, but they all look the same when I'm done.

Does anybody know why and how to fix it?user added imageuser added imageuser added image

Any help will be appreciateduser added image

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You have extruded to many times and it now has faces on top of each other which is causing the problem. You need to delete these faces and then merge the vertices.

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Cheers, the Yeti.
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