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Textures won't display in viewport but work just fine in render

Hi there!

For some reason, the textures on my .mb scene are totally fine in viewport & render.
However, when I quit the scene then reopen it, the textures on my model are all messed up in the viewport despite it being fine in the render.
The materials are still there, but reassigning the model's respective material does not work.
In Hypershade, all the materials are still linked and have not changed.
I'm using 4x1 UVs, and the texture still shows up in all tiles.
"Use Default Material" is also switched off, but to no avail.

Download link for the .mb scene:

Any way to fix this issue?
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First, make sure you change UV tiling to respective mode and hit "Generate Preview" red button for your every single file node. After that you go to Viewport 2.0 settings in viewport menu and hit "Regenerate All UV Tile Preview Textures". Hopefully that should help.

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Any update?

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