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# 1 08-07-2009 , 12:51 AM
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Path to shelf icons

I was wondering if anybody knows where the default icon images are for the various tools that you see on the shelves. Basically I want to make a custom shelf, but since a couple of the tools seem to have the same icon, I want to switch 'em up a bit, though I don't want to create whole new icons at this point. Thanks for any help...

PS It will only accept xpm, bmp, and dib files and the default folder it points to when I click "change image..." in the shelf editor has none of those in it

# 2 09-07-2009 , 08:01 AM
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if youre using apple then you're screwed (no really... you're just screwed for using apple user added image)
otherwise they are in.... no idea :p
i think they are the fti files in the icons folder of the installation directory

if you want to change the icons you have to make you're own

it's as easy as opening up MSPaint and saving something as a bmp

ok, maybe not that easy because you need to know the dimensions 32x32 pixels i think..

that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

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# 3 09-07-2009 , 12:26 PM
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Now now, let's be nice to apple... user added image
No, I'm using windows, and it doesn't accept fti's as correct filetypes.
I may make my own, but I'm sure they won't look as pretty as the existing icons.

# 4 09-07-2009 , 06:50 PM
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Grab screenshots and use a 32x32 px selection marquee in Photoshop :blush:

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# 5 10-07-2009 , 03:56 AM
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Ah, good workaround user added image
Thanks Genny

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