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Materials Swatch and Sample Swatch ...

Is there any way to have the material swatch and sample swatch display the actual material so it updates as its adjusted. Right now, when using Mental Ray nodes, they both display a generic MR swatch and sample swatch with MAYA across it. It would be helpful if the material in these would update as adjustments were made to the attributes.

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No. When rendering in mental ray, the scene needs to be translated before mental ray can understand it. This can sometimes take time.

However, some mental ray materials, such as misss_fastskin, do have previews. Nodes usually don't.

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My expereince is as far as i dont use the IPR rendering option, the swatches of the material display remains and i can play with the settings and see the changes.

You can try it.
Create a poly sphere. Assign any mental ray material say a car paint shader. Render it in mental ray. Now click on the IPR window. It should change to a wireframe image. Now click drag a window anywhere. Now try to change the color of the material. The swatch will change to maya logo.

Check if that happens on your pc too. Would like to know.


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That always happens on my pc as well. I have Maya 2009.

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