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Toy Story 3 3D Review

Just got back from watching Toy Story 3. I'll give it 5/5 stars on a global scale, and 4/5 stars on the Pixar scale.

Not my absolute favorite pixar, but great story and all your favorite characters are back in fine form.

I absolutely loved the short film Day and Night, both from a technical standpoint (totally totally original and fascinating) and from its content.

My take on the 3D aspect. It's very easy to see good 3D and bad 3D when you go see a movie like that. All but one of the trailers were in 3D. The 2D trailer was like a breath of fresh air (or at least my eyes relaxed and my pain faded).

Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of the Dawn Treader Trailer in 3D = pure awfulness that makes your eyes bleed. Not saying anything about the content, just they 3D aspect.
Tangled (or that disney rapunzle one) = not too bad, but still very hard to follow, with lots of artifacts and things.
Megamind = poor 3D... and lame looking movie IMHO.

Then we got to the Day and Night short, which was excellent 3D set in an original context (won't ruin it). There were a few artifacts (ghosting etc), but didn't detract from it too much. Best of all it didn't make my head hurt.

And Toy Story 3's 3D was absolutely a joy to watch. Didn't notice any problems with the 3D really beyond the first short while, cause I got drawn into the film, which is what it's SUPPOSED TO BE ABOUT. No breaking the fourth wall by having stuff jump into your face, no extreme 3D-centric camera moves, just a good movie with a bit of extra depth.

I think (and this is speculation) that a lot of it has to do with the vast majority of the shots being "behind the screen" or at the same level, as opposed to being so close to you. That's when your eyes go funky I think. And you get more problems.

So... to sum, Day and Night is so cool, Toy Story 3 is very entertaining (go see it) and Pixar yet again doesn't let the technology get in the way of a great movie.

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I agree, the 3d effect in Toy Story was really nice. At first I was disappointed that they went to a more photo realistic rendering but I quickly got sucked into the story and then I just loved it all. Great movie for sure. Definitely a movie I wouldn't mind going to see again. Toy story has always been one of my favorite cg movies.

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