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Challenge Winners - My Favorite Toy

So finally, we have the pleasure of announcing the challenge winners at last user added image

On behalf of SimplyMaya & SimplyLightwave we want to say thank you to everyone that participated, there were so many brilliant entries and it was a lot of fun to follow. In fact they were all pretty brilliant so calling the winner on this one was really hard but as things go someone has to win in the end so here goes the verdict from the jury:

Winner 1st Place - otacon (SimplyLightwave)

Vintage Tricycle
"A very simple but yet effective render which brings a sense of nostalgia with its subtle details and fits the challenge brief perfectly. This texturing and lighting work is well executed and a lot of thought went into the presentation which has given a piece which is both artistically and techniclly strong with focus on the toy itself. It is interesting to look at as a CG render as well as from a photography standpoint and for this reason it is the winning entry."

2nd Place - jonamar (SimplyMaya)

Toy Car
"This piece is full of fun and we love the creativity that went into the presentation which makes it stand out amongst so many brilliant entries in this challenge. As we asked for a toy and not a toy in an environment we've left environments out of the judging process to a large extent, but with this piece we feel it's within the spirit of the challenge as the wooden men have been integrated to be part of the toy itself. Very clever take and a great final render."

3rd Place - Shared between two entries;
serzz (SimplyMaya)

Helicopter Toy
"Perfect photorealistic render which looks almost identical to the initial reference posted. We liked the photograph as a product shot and the final render displays excellent skills in modeling, shading and lighting work."

Daveido (SimplyMaya)

Thinktoy Buzz
"Great modeling and texture work, very true to the original Buzz in both presentation and style. Playful and fun. We couldn't choose between these two as they were so different in style but both great toy renders in spirit with the challenge, hence the shared 3rd place on this one"

All the final challenge entries can be found here. Now time to shoot the messenger if you disagree with the judges user added image Or join the next challenge which we will post up within the hour. Congratulations to the winners!

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Not my choise but I must say it was a hard one so meny good entries and the standard were so high, well done to the winner and runners up............dave

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Congratulations to the winners!

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Congrats to the winners!

A big part of me says I disagree with the first place entry. I think the main theme of " My Favorite Toy " was kind of ignored here. Now unless the person who modeled it was a kid when the TITANIC sank, it might be a favorite toy. Other wise, how can one justify that being a favorite toy?

"how do you prove that we exist? maybe we don't exist"
in other words, how do you prove that your favourite toy is your favourite toy?
you cant make others remember the same memories that you have of it. So how can you justify saying the 'favourite toy' theme was ignored?

I don't disagree or agree with you though, just putting the challenge out there on your statement

that's a "Ch" pronounced as a "K"

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we have gone over alot of this already - and i think the judges did have a very hard job.

Do I think the right guy won - who cares not my call to make.

Well done to all winners.

and 3 out of 4 for simplymaya - whoo hoo

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An awesome challenge, very fun to do, and congratulations to the winners user added image !

otacon's, "Vintage Tricycle," is incredibly photoreal -wow!- and certainly looks like it was a favorite toy.
CONGRATS Otacon! I've always been very impressed with Lightwave's render engine, and Otacon used it brilliantly.

Jonamar's, "Toy Car," is very fun and very creative. Congrats Jonamar, great work!

Serzz's, "Helicopter Toy," is perfect. Modeled, textured, lighted, rendered, and replicating the photo amazingly! Stunningly photoreal work. Not to forget it was a favorite toy for tons of kids (and adults :-) ). I could easily see Serzz's work taking 1st place. Awesome work Serzz! Congrats!

Daveido's, "Thinktoy Buzz," is amazing; outstandingly photoreal, no doubt a favorite toy & classic -a perfect choice for this challenge (3D history and all :-) ) , and when Daveido's WIP thread is seen, I would be very happy seeing this work of art receive 1st place. Daveido's WIP thread speaks volumes; brilliant modeler, amazing attention to detail, and Daveido goes beyond just modeling, lighting, texturing, & rendering -showing several different poses with great thought put into the composition on all of them. AWESOME work Daveido! Congrats!

My sincere Thanks to Simply Maya (and Simply Lightwave) -all of the people making this happen, for putting up the $500 prize (wow! :oD ), and Thank You to all of the members who were extremely kind and helpful on the WIP threads user added image , you guys ROCK!!!

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Well done to all the winners. To be honest anyone of those could of won 1st place. All amazin renders. I had a feeling buzzz, helicoptor, and the tricycle would do well.

Next challenge please user added image

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Congrats to the winners....hey THX!! LOL I had a bike VERY similar and Im only 43 bahahaahah...and yes Im not kidding I really did have a bike that looked like that...maybe it was a bush thing...

cheers bullet


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But was it your favorite Toy? LOL, where almost the same age dude!

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user added image

Wow.. amazingly.. Daveido and me took the third place.. thx to all for comments...
and congrats to all who did the challenge (I think that all entries were amazing..).

Now I have to continue with my studies.. and in next 3 months I will show a result.. user added image
I hope that I will have enough time to go to next competition. user added image

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Congratulations to the winners.

I can't say that I would have made the same choices but then again it wasn't up to meuser added image. All the same what I would like to see at the end of these challenges, is the judges going through the rest of the finalists and commenting what each artist could have done to make their entry better. What skills could be polished to make them a better artist with their tools of choice. Seeing that would be a prize all it's own.

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The challenge brought out some new faces and a lot of really good stuff from both communities so I know the judges had a really hard time. Sucks that Lego ship and the Ninja Turtles didn't make it in. Either way, the top spots went to deserving pieces, so good run everybody!

- Genny
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Congrats To The Winners............user added image

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