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Scaling vertex problem

I am having problems when I try to scale an object.

This is what I get.
user added image

Problem is when I select the vertex's in the 2 middle rows it also affects the rest of the object. I am not sure how to change this so I can only scale the 2 middle rows of vertexs.

This is what I want to do
user added image

user added image

Some help please would be very much appreciated thank you.

# 2 17-11-2011 , 08:05 AM
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Have you read the FAQs or used the search function on the site?

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Hit "b" to exit soft selection mode.

As Dom points out though - the FAQ address this. It comes up all the time!



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Thanks for the help, and no I did not read/search anything about it, I wasn't sure what it was called so I did not know where I should look to address the problem.

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