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Rounding Verticies

I am not sure if anyone else has a better solution for this type of problem but I thought I would post how I deal with it and see if I learn a quicker way. As far as I know Maya does not have a quick solution for rounding out vertices.


For instance say you are extruding some object and for one reason or another your verts are now oblong and you don't want to go back and delete everything that has just been extruded to get back to a round loop.

My Process:

First thing I do is align them all of the verts on the grid by selecting x y z and middle mouse click all the verts I want lined up. Next I create a poly cylinder and give it the same amount of verts as the object that needs fixed. Scale and line up the cylinder where I want the verts aligned and then combine the two objects and snap the verts to the cylinder. Then delete the cylinder. viola rounding verts. I've attached a few pics to help visualize what I am talking about.

Does anyone know of a quicker way?

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- Jake
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As an alternative you could create the cylinder face first. Then combine the cylinder face and the tube. Then bridge between the cylinder face edges and the tube edges. Basically the same thing in reverse and swapping a bridge for the extrude. so it equals the same amount of work really.

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I tried to do some clever stuff with average vertices, but it fell apart after moving to slightly more complex examples. I have a feeling there's a quicker way that has to do with average vertices, I just need to understand the algorithm behind it.

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I have thought that if you could pin one axis on average verts that would be usefull for doing this type of stuff...........dave

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