Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
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Things In General Verts, Polys

Hello guys-

I will use this thread to ask more questions on tips and how to's.

1. I am building the underside of a shoe and had to use the "create polygon tool".
Extruded the section out to form the bottom section.

I had to put it together section at a time
and noticed when I needed to connect some verts to one another making the platform one part
There's not merge verts selection. What command is used to connect verts to that 2 to 3 verts all collapse into one vert?

I select "Merge", nothing happens, I select "Merge To Center" verts want meet up and stay connected.user added image

2. Another question. on this same shoe underside I want to combine all polys together so there's not section that seem apart of the bottom but once selected only certain section light up green and the other poly remain grey. I am searching for a combine selection so when I select all of them it's just one cluster of polys that make up the bottom of my shoe.user added image

3. When should we "Smooth" out the dense Mesh I am using XRay for the moment as I build. Is it smart to smooth as you go or wait until all sections are done and than smooth all together. I am use to the "Tab" button for smooth on or off. In Maya there's something else going on that I am not so sure about.user added image

4 The polygon counter, where is that button? I want to watch how many polys I am building as a training method.user added image

Thanks in Advanceuser added image

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1When you do a merge check the channel box on the right hand side, the distance might be to low
2 Do a Mesh,combine
3,Press the 3 button to do a smooth prevuew
4 Thats in "heads up display" "display poly count".............dave

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