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# 1 09-01-2012 , 01:56 AM
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Hard edge problem with subdivided mesh

Hi ,
I have been trying to model a front ring for a steampunk goggles. Theres is a problem which come across frequently while i do medelling and finally i have decided to share it and ask the proper way.

As you see on picture 1 i have a poly 1 piece mesh. When i add edges to make my subdivided mesh hard edged, i have extra edges that are being hardened and resulting in an ugly look.

I only want to soften the shown edges in the pictures . Is there a way to achieve this? I have tried soften / harden edge soften, but it doesnt work. also set normal angle 30 and still the same.

I will be pleased if some one helps.






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Ahhh... Simple solution. Delete the edges in red (in the blow-up), and change the topology to that in the blow-up. That should keep your mesh all nice and quad, as well as get rid of that nasty pinch.

user added image

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This solved the problem. Simple but i think playing with edges rather than modelling multiple pieces and sewing is something major, if you want to save some time... Lesson of the day user added image Thanks again

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