Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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How do I convert an item from an array into a string variable

I'm trying to get a string array containing the selected objects ( $objectsArray[ ] ), and then I would like to only get the first item from that array and put it into a regular string variable ( $onlyFirstObject )

string $objectsArray[] = `ls -selection`;
string $onlyFirstObject = $curvesArray[0];

This doesn't work. What's the correct way to get only the first item in a string array, and store it in a string variable?

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You have a small typo in the script. Set $onlyFirstObject to $objectsArray[0].

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The first element in an array is always at position zero.

string $mySelection[] = `ls -sl`;
string $firstObj = $mySelection[0]
$mySelection[0] is already a string variable, just not as elegant as $firstObj

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Just a nit-pick, but you should check if the length of the array is greater than zero before you choose the first element. user added image

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