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# 1 12-04-2003 , 08:57 PM
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Ghost in the Shell OST

I was just wandering around the forum, replying wherever the chance, all the while listening at the Ghost in the Shell Movie Soundtrack.

I just have to say, Floating Museum by Kawai Kenji is actually one of the best songs I´ve ever listened at in my whole life. I felt so relieved out of everything -I made a frigging post about it-.

By the way, Ghost in the Shell Stand Alone Complex (series being aired as of now in Japan) Soundtrack is also top-notch.

I know it´s a worthless post, feel free to bash the now-kinda-sentimental-adldesigner. :p

# 2 12-04-2003 , 09:52 PM
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Yes, the Ghost in a Shell soundtrack is very good. Theatrical music is always the best. Has anyone ever seen Princess Mononoke or Eskaflowne? The music for those anime movies are really good as well. I find that a lot of video game music is really interesting to listen to. The Elder Scrolls: Morrowind is one.

# 3 13-04-2003 , 06:57 PM
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Originally posted by Darkware
... Has anyone ever seen Princess Mononoke or Eskaflowne? The music for those anime movies are really good as well.

I´m the biggest Hayao Miyazaki fan alive! user added image
And the Mononoke Hime soundtrack(Joe Hisaishi) is one of the best I`ve ever heard. A real masterpiece.
Escaflowne is cool, too(although it`s not a Miyazaki user added image ).

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# 4 14-04-2003 , 12:17 AM
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ADL: I don't think you're going to get bashed here. I haven't heard the whole GitS soundtrack but what I have heard was pretty good.

I have watched Mononoke Hime and Escaflowne and I agree with Darkware, their soundtracks rocked.

On a side note I hated the Escaflowne movie. Instead of taking a good series and adding to it the movie goes and mucks the whole thing up. Ahh just my seven cents thats all. user added image

Not really certified not really new!
# 5 14-04-2003 , 12:36 PM
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I owe both Mononoke and escaflowne, both great animesuser added image, Princess mononoke especially, very god story, even my non anime fan friends liked it.

I want to go see ghost in a shell soon though.

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