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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
# 1 02-09-2003 , 12:25 PM
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See Ya Guys

Hey guys, my computer has now broke user added image motherboard jhas gone i think, i cant see anything properly the computer is all going mental on screen, i can hardly see a thing, just basic colours and blocks and lines and everything is crazy, i've attached a picture of my desktop, i cant make out if that's normal or not, cos my screen is buggered so yeah user added image

urm... im gonna miss you guys, i'll be back as soon as i get money for new mobo and stuff, maybe a month, maybe more user added image

it's been fun guys. See ya. user added image

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# 2 02-09-2003 , 12:32 PM
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Tis your video card. Make sure its plugged in properly :p

# 3 02-09-2003 , 12:34 PM
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not video card, its plugged in and stuff. i was cleaning my heatsink because there was crazy dust in it, and my heatsink has a stupid clip thing and i went to undo the clip with a screwdriver and it slipped out of the clip and scraped some of the mobo surface off. it broke :'(

see ya when i'm back user added image

# 4 02-09-2003 , 12:53 PM
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thats looking scary...

# 5 02-09-2003 , 04:17 PM
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Dam dude! I've done the same thing in the past, only with a vid carduser added image

Good luck, and we'll see you when your new machine is ready!user added image

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# 6 02-09-2003 , 04:32 PM
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yep I have done it to - good thing was that it wasnt my pc user added image

# 7 03-09-2003 , 09:11 PM
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Kev you wreaked someone elses pc LOL
that's terrible!user added image

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