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# 1 15-11-2003 , 06:40 PM
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character WIP ......

hi .. everyone .. i'm some what of a new modeler to the organice side anyways . .

well i'm currently modeling this character and i would like it if you guys can comment on my topology and point on anything that i should change.

in the animation the character shoulders are always up except for one shot in the animation the rest of the time his shoulders are up and his knec sticking out. i was trying to go for a really boney guy.

but i've rebuilt the edloops so much that everything jus looks like a mess now. .. but i'm still working with it

here are 3 images for you to comment on .. i'm using maya 5.01
thx ....




# 2 15-11-2003 , 06:43 PM
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Overall, the topology itself looks pretty good. It's the model's anatomy that I'd be concerned with at the moment. Of course, it depends on what kind of character/creature you're going for.

# 3 15-11-2003 , 06:51 PM
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yes i agree with the anatomy structure .. i will fix it up i jus want to know if i will have problems skinning him if i model him in that position. will i run into animation problems later on. Such as if i wanted to lower his shoulders. and raise his neck up. i guess i would only find out if i test things. but i've never done this before so any info would be great.

thx for replying mike ..

ur an inspiration to me i've been watching all your SM challenges and loved em all .. user added image

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