Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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important question with expression editor

Once again this has to do with the matrix tutorial on highend3d.

I dont understand this:

Select particleshape1 and open the expression editor.Add the runtime expression


Play the animtion and you will find that each particles are now instancing a random letter and changes every frame. It is now near the effect we want. But we still need to write some expressions to control the motion of each particle.

Select particleshape1 and add one another array attribute "gate". It has not much meaning , just for used in the expression. Add the runtime expressions below to the particleshape1.

vector $temp=particleShape1.worldVelocity;
if ($temp.y<=rand(-10,-5))
{ particleShape1.gate=1;};
if ($temp.y>=(-1))

if (particleShape1.gate==1){ particleShape1.acceleration=<<0,rand(20,25),0>>;
if (particleShape1.gate==0) {

You can find the tutorial in this place to see the whole thing, any help would be greatly appreciated;


P.S. If someone could tell me where I could find a better or more clear explanation of how to do this, please tell me! Thanks again!

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Select particleshape1 and open the expression editor.Add the runtime expression

select the particleShape1 in the ouliner. Then Go to the expression editor it's in window>>animation editors>>expression editor

Then you should find a value called index (I'm not sure if adding it is part of the tutorial earlier on). then type in the expression editor the equation it says in the tutorial and select "runtime expression" as the type of expression. This simply means that it will be calculated as the render is run.

To add an attribute to the particle system select it in the outliner then go down to per particle attributes and add it on. YOu can then add that next expression in the same way as you added the first.


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