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how to create a chain link

hi everyone,

i tried to model a chain. You can take a look at it in the attached .jpg file called "chain.jpg".

you can see a red hook on the left which is fastened on the ground. on the right there is a green chain link.

ok, now my problem:

everytime i move the green chain link the rest of my chain should also automatically move. but all the chain links should move single and not together, that looks a bit more realistic.
AND another very important fact: The chain links should not be translated or scaled when moving them - only rotated.

i put the maya 5.0 file also in the attachement.

could anyone help me with that problem?

thanks a lot!

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I'm after a chain myself, and asked if there was a script - It turns out kbrown has one over in the Download script section and it is excellent. I'm a noob here and don't know much about Animation - so if you are wanting to learn this then - I guess you don't want to go down that route.
But if it's a project and you just want it done ASAP ... give it a go...
It's name is :- createDynChain.mel


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Dont worry it's easy user added image just create your link then duplicate it and move it and rotate it so that it fits together as a chain would. Repeat until you have all of your links ready. Then turn the links into rigid bodies (Active) play it and you will see them all fall down. Now select the first link and change it to a passive rigid body. Now play the animation and you should see the rest of them fall but the first one will stay in place. Now if you make your hook the passive rigid body then it should work just fine. If you have a ground plane or any obstacles that the chain might hit then simply make them passive rigid bodies too.

SImple as that user added image


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texture/shader for a chain?

woooooooooohooooooo, yeah baby!!!

i used the mel script...brilliant! thanks a lot !!!!

does anyone have a good looking texture for a chain?
what is the best shader for a chain ? is it a blinn shader?

thank you so far!! sometimes life could be so easy....

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