Essential MatchMover 2011

By: David James | Software: Matchmover 2011 | Runtime: 0 hours and 57 minutes
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  • Video Credits: 6
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About This Course

Essential MatchMover 2011

This tutorial goes over how to integrate 3D objects into live footage. The first part covers some of the basics for camera tracking and how to navigate around the interface in MatchMover. We bring in some footage, get our scene set up and create some simple tracking points. From there we dive in how to clean up the data to make it more usable and how to get better and more refined tracking results. In the third part we cover the MatchMover coordinates system in preparation for bringing our project into our 3D application. In the final part of this tutorial we go over the integration of MatchMover and Maya, and bring our elements together. This part will show you the principles behind making a 3D object fit into live footage.

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Lesson breakdown

Below you can find a breakdown for each individual lesson in this course

  • Lesson Pack 01 0. Intro Video
  • Lesson Pack 01 1. Camera Tracking & MatchMover UI
  • Lesson Pack 02 2. Creating Tracking Points
  • Lesson Pack 03 3. Coordinate System in MatchMover
  • Lesson Pack 04 4. 3D Integration with Live Footage

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