Large scale Maya fluid explosion

By: David James | Software: Maya 2014 | Runtime: 3 hours and 21 minutes
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About This Course

Large scale Maya fluid explosion

In this three hour long tutorial we look at using the fluid engine in Maya to create large scale explosions. We cover not only the basics of making the explosion, but we also take a look at ways to split the explosion up into its component parts. This will give us the control we need in post production. By the end of the tutorial you will have the knowledge to design your own explosions within Maya. You'll also have a good working knowledge of the compositing techniques used to create a professional looking explosion.

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Lesson breakdown

Below you can find a breakdown for each individual lesson in this course

  • Lesson Pack 01 0. Intro Video
  • Lesson Pack 01 1. Emitting 3D fluids
  • Lesson Pack 01 2. Tweaking the appearance of the fluid
  • Lesson Pack 01 3. Creating a fireball and sculpting fluid
  • Lesson Pack 01 4. Adding emitters to push fluid around
  • Lesson Pack 02 5. Tweaking primary explosion
  • Lesson Pack 02 6. Secondary blast effects
  • Lesson Pack 02 7. Pushing the ground explosion outwards with fields
  • Lesson Pack 03 8. Shading and rendering the explosion
  • Lesson Pack 03 9. Compositing the explosion in Nuke
  • Lesson Pack 03 10. 360 degree fluid freeze

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