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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
# 1 27-06-2005 , 06:38 AM
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i did these before but i just recently decided to finish them off. i'm thinking of having the orc ride the creature kind of like the warg riders in lotr. crits?

edit: i'll try to do a better render. for some reason there's a blur around the orcs head.

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# 2 27-06-2005 , 07:52 AM
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Hey, those are some cool characters, nice workuser added image

# 3 27-06-2005 , 08:05 AM
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wow, bloody nice modles.
Do warg riders have fir on them?
great job!

# 4 30-06-2005 , 01:07 PM
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I think I like you reptile dog best. The musculature and texturing look great - although the hips and back leg look a bit off. I think that the elbow joints on the front legs need to be lower or else this creature would have great difficulty running let alone walking.

I think that the eye needs a bit more definition rather than being a red dot... Also if you're orc is gonna ride him I think he needs to be a lot bigger.

As for the orc, whilst he is nicely modeled I am note sure about the Tarzan outfit or the bimbo boots. His musculature whilst very good looks a bit too human, I wonder that he should be a bit more orcish, with wirey legs and something of a belly? Why does he have his eyes closed, or are they very small and open? I also think that there is not much point in him wearing that T-Shirt though since there isn't much of it.

Well, that my little critic - hope it don't hurt...

Tickety boo and ta ta for a bit...
# 5 30-06-2005 , 04:04 PM
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thanks for the input. i'll definetly tweak both models a little more. it just looks like his eyes are closed because of the blurry render. still trying to figure out why it's like that. there are actually different kinds of orcs and mine is more of an uruk hai (sp?) type. i'll post an update as soon as i get back to it. been busy with some other stuff. :p

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