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Turn your budget graphics card into a Pro level hi-performance card for free?

NVIDIA GeForce To Quadro Software Mod
Posted by ScuttleMonkey on Saturday May 10, @05:21AM
from the you-bought-it-might-as-well-use-the-whole-thing dept.
babyshiori writes
"The NVIDIA Quadro family of professional graphics cards are very, very expensive. But many people know that Quadro and GeForce graphics cards are virtually identical in hardware. Obviously, you cannot just use Quadro drivers with your GeForce graphics cards. However, there is an easy way to soft-mod an NVIDIA GeForce desktop graphics card into an NVIDIA Quadro professional graphics card. Tech ARP shows us just how to do it. 'It all revolves around the driver support for professional 3D applications like 3ds Max or Maya. Quadro drivers allow the Quadro to be used to accelerate the rendering operations of such professional 3D applications while GeForce drivers do not. This is the basis for the premium prices NVIDIA (and ATI) charge for their professional-grade graphics cards.'"

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I would say do this at totaly your own risk. You are voiding all warranty and support by modding the hardware and you are at huge risk of popping your graphics card and killing it beyond repair. Once its dead no company will swap it for another, and they will know you have done it, count on it.

My opinion is do not attempt it unles you are 100% sure you are able to accept the risks. And the biggest risk is do you hae money to buy a new gForce?

Remeber this is not over clocking, this faking the GPU on the system and chips on the card, with that there is a huge risk of BANG!!!

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That's true.. but if what they are saying is true -- that the ONLY difference is the driver, then the risk is much much much smaller. But you are right you are taking some risks.

I just thought it was interesting.. regardless of whether anyone does it, I think it is very interesting. Someone could potentially make much cheaper cards and get the same performance.

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Thats been arround for years, as I said your post in the basics and new forum, its down to the firmware on the cards not the hardware.

TBH in my experiance, maya runs perfectly well with gforce cards, I can use open GL with huge textures on high quality viewport rendering, hardware render anything I want, the lines are nice and crisp, so I really cant figure out what difference a pro card would actually make, for me that is.

I personally wouldent risk doing that just in case, for whats going to be a very minimal performance increase.

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but of a scam on navida and ATI's part

I wouldnt attempt this

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If I wasnt a poor destitute ex-student user added image then I'd happily go out, get another 8800 GT card and give it a go. If it improved performance significantly then that'd be cool but if not I'd SLI it and reap the benefits in games user added image


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