Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
# 16 20-07-2008 , 04:00 PM
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Mike, what is the deadline of this challenge?

# 17 20-07-2008 , 04:10 PM
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looks fun... i might try this...

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Can we use swords since they use to be everyday items?

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# 20 21-07-2008 , 08:48 PM
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is there a poly limit for this?

# 21 21-07-2008 , 10:07 PM
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nope, not unless you want one user added image

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# 22 22-07-2008 , 10:24 AM
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Hey Mike, started on an old WWII jeep a while back, would I be able to finish up and destroy this?


# 23 22-07-2008 , 12:57 PM
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Looks promesing

Lots of competition user added image .
I saw many of you in previous challenges, some I never saw in a challenge before. I wonder how many will stay with us until the final render...
Looking forward to compete against you guys user added image .

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# 24 23-07-2008 , 08:56 AM
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i am so in user added image this will be my first challenge ... and well i dont have much time duing 15 hours work at the momment, but hope the deadline is after the 5/08 user added image so i have a bit time to model user added image

# 25 25-07-2008 , 01:22 PM
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Mike, is it okay if we do not just 'abadon' the object, but give it stuff like dents, scratches, etc that do not happen over time?

user added image

Finished work
# 26 25-07-2008 , 04:01 PM
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# 27 27-07-2008 , 02:41 AM
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I think im goin to join this 1, Could do with workin on my textures user added image

Is a ruined / abandoned helicopter ok? < thats my first idea so far- thinking rusty metal, smashed windows, bend rotory blades and and broken tail perhaps.

I know its mainly the object your looking at but could possible do a scene with it in a jungle style environment with grass or weeds/vines growing over it. < but thats a secondary idea >

# 28 27-07-2008 , 09:32 PM
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Its been mentioned that it may be against the rules to use an old model allready built, as this is the first time ive taken part in one of these challenges can you let me know so that i can change tack if need be


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# 29 28-07-2008 , 12:57 AM
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please don't use already built models

# 30 01-08-2008 , 11:40 PM
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Although I'm a total infant in Maya, I think I will join this challenge. It will probably be a very poor entry, but it will give me a good before and after picture as I learn.

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