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# 1 02-10-2008 , 01:16 PM
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Summer Challenge Winners!

Congrats and thank you to all who participated in the challenge! My apologies for the lack of any real tangible prize, but I hope the bragging rights and potential portfolio pieces will be enough this time.

Without further ado...


user added image
1st Place


user added image

Congrats! Wonderful modeling and texturing details. Good presentation and decent lighting! Great job with all the circuitry and doodads! Nice touch adding a pre-destroyed image as well.

user added image
2nd Place


user added image

Nice choice of object and great attention to detail! Could have used a bit more destruction in the details, but modeling was very well done. Nice lighting and presentation!

user added image
3rd Place


user added image

Very nice details! Textures and lighting could have used a bit of punch, but definitely a great choice for the challenge and a great deal of effort!

Congrats again everyone! The new Challenge will be starting toward the end of October!

See the rest of the entries here:

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Congrats to the winners! user added image

I might enter the next contest if I can learn ZB3 fast enough by then. user added image

# 3 02-10-2008 , 01:21 PM
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hey - thanks mike! really enjoyed this challenge.

well done joopson and benny user added image

# 4 02-10-2008 , 01:27 PM
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Congrats to everyone! I has been a lot of fun!
Next challenge I'll be in will probably be next summer as I really don't have time right now... Hopefully I'll get a new PC so I can use Mental Ray by then user added image

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# 5 02-10-2008 , 01:29 PM
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Congratulations you 3!
You all did a great job user added image

What can we expect of the next contest btw?

# 6 02-10-2008 , 01:41 PM
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Good work. Makes me want to join the next one user added image

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# 7 02-10-2008 , 01:45 PM
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Well done to all winners and participants.
You guys done well in capturing the mood of abandonment through clever use of colour, lighting and isolation.
Great use of texture manipulation to show inperfection and ware & tear. These pieces are good additions to one's 3d portfolio.

Congrats :attn:

# 8 02-10-2008 , 01:57 PM
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woohoo, second place user added image
But yeah, great job Arran and Benny! really nice stuff in this challenge.

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# 9 02-10-2008 , 02:12 PM
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well done and well deserved Arran. user added image

I'm a little guted, but I think i'll give the challenge another go. i have some things going on in November so might not have time, but I enjoyed it.

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all great entries ... nice one arran :bandit:

# 11 02-10-2008 , 04:44 PM
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Re: Summer Challenge Winners!

Originally posted by mtmckinley

Could have used a bit more destruction in the details, but modeling was very well done.

Just want to point out that the theme was "abandoned", not destroyed. :p

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# 12 02-10-2008 , 04:44 PM
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Congrats guys!

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# 13 02-10-2008 , 05:44 PM
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Congrats to all those who completed an entry, and the ones who won.
Great work all over guys/girls.

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# 14 02-10-2008 , 07:38 PM
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congratz to u 3,

arran nice job user added image

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Congrats arran, your second challenge win!

Joopson and BennyK, very well done!

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