Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
Get halfway through a model and find it's an unworkable mess? Can't add edge loops where you need them? Can't subdivide a mesh properly? If any of this sounds familiar check this course out.
# 1 04-11-2007 , 07:03 AM
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Sept/Oct Challenge Winners!

Congrats and thank you to all who participated in the challenge! Environment challenges usually have a pretty weak turnout, so it was great to see as many entries as we had finish and get submitted! So fantastic job to all of you! I hope those of you who are reading this might be inspired to try joining in on our newest challenge happening right now in the Challenge Forum!

Without further ado...


user added image
1st Place


user added image

Congrats! Very nice details and modeling! Nice camera angle as well. Send me your mailing info and I'll get your signed book in the mail!

user added image
2nd Place


user added image

Love the concept and very well done modeling and scene. The lighting and texture work kind of made the final image a bit muddy looking and a little tough to see all the details, but definitely a great effort!

user added image
3rd Place


user added image

I definitely dig underwater ruins and while the lighting isn't probably very accurate and the texture work is mostly hidden, I do love the composition and the work done on setting a mood. Very cool!

Congrats again everyone! The new Winter Challenge is now available!

# 2 04-11-2007 , 07:25 AM
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Congrats guys!

Overall there were great entrys, well done!

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# 3 04-11-2007 , 08:07 AM
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Good work, you guys!
user added image

# 4 04-11-2007 , 08:26 AM
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Very nice job guys!

I had to vote mirek03 b\c i love the feel of the underwater.

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# 5 04-11-2007 , 08:27 AM
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congratulations Bendingiscool and mirekuser added image

# 6 04-11-2007 , 08:30 AM
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Great Wins all well done user added image

Chris (formerly R@nSiD)
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# 7 04-11-2007 , 08:52 AM
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Congratulations to everyone ..some very nice entries ,I might slip into the next challenge myself .....Quidditch anyone ?

2 x Modeling Challenge Winner
# 8 04-11-2007 , 10:25 AM
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Thanks Mike!!!! And thanks to all the guys who commented and critiqued my entry, it certainly helped, congrats to Mastone and Mirek, loved your entries!!

# 9 04-11-2007 , 08:06 PM
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Ah ha -Congrats to bendingiscool's entry for first place! Is this your first challenge?

Congrats to mastone for his second place victory! user added image

Congrats to mirek03 for his 3rd place victory!user added image

BTW, thanks for the votes on my entry; most votes I have ever had!

# 10 04-11-2007 , 08:49 PM
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AHAH i just noticed. The banner in the top left of bendingiscools submission says SIMPLYMAYA. See it?

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# 11 04-11-2007 , 09:04 PM
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I don't know about that, it's really hard to tell. It kinda looks like SimplyMaya ( on my monitor ), but it could also spell something else. Mabe bendingiscool could chime in on that.

# 12 04-11-2007 , 11:48 PM
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lol, ya it says SimplyMaya, I was gonna have some other maya related stuff, but I found an awesome sign online that I had to have in there (the one on the left side). Ya this is my first challenge, haven't had time to get in on earlier challenges due to uni work. Am going to enter this winter challenge due to the extended deadline, I should be able to fit it around my uni stuff, gotta start revising for a MEL Scripting exam soon though Ahh!


# 13 05-11-2007 , 02:54 AM
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Originally posted by louis56
AHAH i just noticed. The banner in the top left of bendingiscools submission says SIMPLYMAYA. See it?

Nice find! Congrats to the winners of this challenge. user added image

# 14 05-11-2007 , 07:42 PM
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Congrats bending, and the runners up ... great work!

# 15 07-11-2007 , 09:42 PM
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well done to the winners and eveyone else who entered! user added image

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