Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
Get halfway through a model and find it's an unworkable mess? Can't add edge loops where you need them? Can't subdivide a mesh properly? If any of this sounds familiar check this course out.
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keep going until you've run out of cake

As long as you're still alive.

I'm sorry to hear that but I'd definitely take LauriePriest up on their offer. If nothing else it might make you feel better about your situation.

I don't know how practical it is but have you thought about doing freelance work? Or something a little less conventional like writing/recording tutorials for magazines like 3D world and for sites like this one; I definitely know I could learn a lot from you, your modelling skills continue to amaze me.

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As long as you're still alive.

... portal joke... just in case it got misinterpreted user added image

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Mate thats unfortunate...good showreel...the only thing I found out of kilt was the Power Loader it seemed a little dark??

Neil, you hvae worked bloody hard and put a lot of your life and time into doing something that you want to do. Dont give up because an interview went the wrong way mate, otherwise its all for nought. Take it in your stride and put it down to the others have said...learn from it and get what you can out of it.

I know everywhere else on the globe, jobs are scarce and hard to get so it isnt your fault mate. I agree it wasnt very nice or professional of them not to get back to you earlier, sadly mate this is a bloody normal thing and depending on how many apps they had to sift through may have been a reason.

As Mike says in his memoirs mate...a thousand doors may close before one opens. Sadly the industry you want to pursue a job in is very competitive and of course lean due to the economies...unless you want to come to Australia and work in Civil construction or mining, there isnt much of anything anywhere. We have 20 Irish lads been here less than 3 months....and apparently another 40 000 coming within 12 months..thats how bad it is over dont take it to heart!

You are in fact a winner, as you tried and succeeded to get an interview. You may not have got the job but you have learned something..but you now need to sit back, relax, take 5 and chill out. Plan or begin planning round 2 and go for are no slouch and have absolutely NO reason to go belly up and throw in the towel...

Cheers Ant


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Yeah mate. You've got talent. It took me 12 years before I got my first job, and that was a two-month, unpaid internship. You had the right intentions at trying to get your foot in the door. Don't give up because someone said no. Keep looking for someone to say yes!

One ex member here once sent me a rather nasty, completely unprovoked email about how much of a failure I was, and how I would never succeed in the industry. Yeah, it hurt for a bit, but I turned it around. I thought "I'll show him!" 2 years later, I landed a job.

Keep going mate. You can make it!

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...One ex member here once sent me a rather nasty, completely unprovoked email about how much of a failure I was, and how I would never succeed in the industry...

Wow really? I know tools are everywhere but who does crap like that? Yikes!

- Genny
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Dude, thats such a shame.

Dont let it get you down, keep trying, as you said the country is in a state, belts are tightened everywhere so there are less chances. Keep going for it, keep pushing and developing. As said try freelence or tutorials as as well as building your portfolio.

Dont give up with it. As Laurie said, there may have been an intern that they had an eye on, you got to the interview so that means a lot.

P.S. Also i would edit responses, you never know whos looking on boards.



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WOW ND...must have been a jealous rival?? what a tosser.

gster I agree that you HAVE to watch what you say....but venting a little steam after said testicles are ruptured is ok....but yes you are right about possible viewers.

tweety, mate, its like that in any industry...even here where there is more work than you can poke a stick still happens. Also the sheila that gave the news etc etc unprofeesional in the way it was played out but she might not have been the one with the axe...if you get my drift.

I, like ND was called a failure by others and this has happened all my life. I went from the top 5% in my state academically down to the middle because of things like that and of course my wayward teenage life and 'friends' (I say friends lightly). I am uneducated yet I command extremely good rates as a Surveyor and am currently in demand because of my skills. I earned and gained that respect through perseverance and sheer hard work mate. It took time for me to get a door to open but once it was, I was head down bum up even when I had the detractors calling me a failure...but I didnt stop..f**k em.

DONT roll over Mastone suggested, grab the clan, a bottle or 3 of your fave, head out for a picnic somewhere green and nature like. Sit down and enjoy the serenity of it all, you are just beginning mate and you will have plenty more of this to get through.

cheers bullet


"A Darkness at Sethanon", a book I aspire to model some of the charcters and scenes
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in my opinion your work is more suited to the games industry. A lot of modeling in commercials is being outsourced abroad, so being able to model "anything" is not exactly what employers are looking for. The film industry still need modellers but its more competitive and your work really needs to stand out.
The Mill are a commercials and broadcast company, so they are probably looking for more of a generalist in their junior positions as are most commercial houses. I agree that they probably had someone in mind for the position. It happens a lot in the industry... at all levels.

What happened to escape, did you decide against it?
I would try not to get disheartened. I only got work as a runner on a 2 week contract initially. I also got turned down from a runner position because they said i would probably get a job in 3D soon and wouldn't be around for long.
Its just the motion of the ocean.

ND- i thought you were about 21?

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Yo dude, sent you a pvt msg.
Chin up!

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I watched your reel and while it isn't bad, it lacks direction, with that I mean if I were " in the jury" so to say I wouldn't know what you were applying for, also I wouldn't do a breakdown for an all CG scene( to my knowledge it is only usefull when integrating CG in live footage).

I am also wondering why you are in such a hurry to enter " the industry", just enjoy the ride and keep an eye out for any opportunities that might arise on your path.
At the end of the day it's still just a job where you have to work long and hard so you better enjoy yourself user added image.

First decide what you want to do and then make work accordingly also don't try to churn out a miljon models a day, instead focus on quality and once you have a few good pieces of work "stitch " them together and call it a reel don't try making anything fancy with great music just show work for which you are applyingand depending on which branch of VFX you have chosen, show diversity in the types of work.
They really don't care about a slick reel...since they are in the movie bussiness themselves they are really not easily impressed with a showreel.
Also try keeping it under 2 minutes and show best work first.

And last but not least don't give up on your dreams just because of a small setback, it was only a runner position ( one of the suckiest jobs there is), focus and improve on your skills and apply for a junior position instead when you' re ready.

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At the end of the day it's still just a job where you have to work long and hard so you better enjoy yourself.

This +1000.

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sorry about what happend man, i'm in the same boat as you graduated 3 years back,
but I was lucky enough to get my foot in the door by getting onto a few animation studio internships,

I got the internships by cold calling as many game and animation studios all over the uk,
and my persistance payed off,

I too have been kicked in the teeth many a time, and I'm not going to lie, it chips away at your very core, but the thing is you have to dust yourself off and try harder,
if i've learnt anything it is never stop practicing not even for a day, perfect your art,

eventually your talent will be recognised and that call you've been waiting for will happen,

I've had 5 interviews this year already for creative type jobs my last interview was last monday, still waiting for a reply,

my advice would be to look for any game or animation studio open days, i've been to a few this year already, you can get first hand experience not only that you will let them know you exsist,

also look for competitions animation or game, I won a 3 month contract with a small games company by doing just that,

The Uk is in complete disarray, and I imagen it will be a while before things get better,

so please dont give up, if this is truely your dream then keep your chin up, cling to what gives you motivation and let that inspire you to prove all the nay sayers wrong,

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