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In this start to finish texturing project within Substance Painter we cover all the techniques you need to texture the robot character.
# 1 28-10-2011 , 03:00 AM
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Demon Sculpt + Weapons Complete

Hey Guys,

Update on my Major Project.
Ive finished sculpting both characters now and their weapons. Just have to pose, texture, and render. Little over a month left to do it.

Any feed back would much appreciated,


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# 2 28-10-2011 , 07:19 AM
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Lol..that guy looks disgusting...surely no fun to have him as a dinnerneighbor user added image

You should start separating bits and pieces in order to detail them better. The problem is some things still look very undetailed because they would need more subDivisions. But that would result in more Detail in the entire Mesh, which you dont want.
Start creating SubTools for each piece!

# 3 28-10-2011 , 08:13 AM
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I am using sun tools. The body Armour plates Bolts and blades are all separate tools. Im just running out time to sculpt. Have to start texturing to get it done in time. What parts specifically do you think I should add more detail.?

# 4 28-10-2011 , 05:10 PM
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Eww he is gross

This looks great there are just a few things that you might consider improving I have circled them below. First off the stretchmarks from the legs to the belly look cool you might add a few more through his thighs and sides of his belly.

The two blue circles: the nails look a little to flat try adding just a little curve to them. The plate that is on his stomach has this weird corner is it a clipping problem?

Otherwise nice job I agree with the Duke he is disgusting defiantly not my first pick to invite to dinner. I really like the utensils.

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- Jake
# 5 28-10-2011 , 11:28 PM
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thanks heaps for the feedback. Will definitely fix up the nails and add more stretch marks. As for the comer of that plate. It only pop out when smoothed. On the base mesh its sits below the skins surface.

once again thanks...keep it coming guys...

# 6 01-11-2011 , 08:09 AM
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Looking like a strangly mutated Ewok!

The thing that pops out to me straight off is that his pose is worng. He is bolt upright and looks like he would topple over. I would have a look at bigger upper body creatures, say like a gorilla, and bend the knees a bit and arch the back to make him more viable in a default pose. Drop back down the sub div levels and pose him up a bit.



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# 7 02-11-2011 , 02:34 AM
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Now that's a real ladies man! All he needs is a bottle of Nyquil and a couple glasses of Courvoisier!

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