Integrating 3D models with photography
Interested in integrating your 3D work with the real world? This might help
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help please - stwert here u go

- stwert -
this is what happened stwert thankss!! - bccmini247 -user added imageuser added imageuser added image

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I'm assuming you're creating a boat with the Ocean > Create boat tool. Make sure you're selecting the group node when you create the boat.

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No, I can't make it for you. If it's a school project, then you'll need to put in your part of the group work.
Having said that, I think fluid dynamics is a bit advanced for a grade 7? 8? school project.
Okay, enough teacher talk from me.

If I understand the problem, you need to do this:
1. Select all the pieces of your boat.
2. Edit > Group.
3. Select the group, either by selecting a piece of the boat and pressing "up" a couple times, or by selecting it in the outliner.
4. Fluid effects > Ocean > Make boats
Now the boat should stay together.
5. Go to frame 1, key the translateX translateZ and rotateY only. Do this by selecting the right channels in the channel box, right-click > key selected.
6. Go to a later frame, then move your boat (the group) and rotate it in Y as necessary.
7. Key the translateX, translateZ, and rotateY.

Play back your animation!
Good luck.

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