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In this course we're going to look at something a little different, creating technically accurate 3D printed parts.
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Single Image Vanishing Point/Perspective Setup in Maya

Hi All,

I have a plate shot with an iPhone of a building (fig. 01).. There is not much camera action going on apart from a trembling hand so I will be working on a single frame (and add later in Ae some camera wiggle to bring back some cam motion). The objective is to replace one of the balconies of the building's facade in the single image with a 3D balcony that I can then interact with (simulate destruction...etc). How would you guys go about setting this up in Maya?

Essentially I would need to align the perspective grid in Maya to the building's facade so I can build the 3D balcony element onto it so it matches the perspective. Not considering production quality and the footage being shot with an iphone is it essential to remove distortion first or can I get by with some inaccuracy... or can I work by matching the camera settings (in Maya) with the camera that I used to film the plate?

Could someone provide a step by step overview of the process you would go through to setup the coordinate system and perspective grid using Maya (or even Matchmover)? Without using any thrid party software (Syntheyes, Pftrack, etc..) Furthermore, if you have a totally different approach as to how this problem may be tackled please share..

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If you're a member of digital tutors there is a tutorial that goes over a sci-fi scene that discusses this.

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