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# 1 06-02-2020 , 11:11 AM
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Simple Expression not working!

Hi, can anyone tell me why this expression is not working in Maya 2017 or Maya 2020 when it does work in Maya 2015!?

float $newPosn ;

if (frame == 1){

$newPosn = 0.0;


pCube1.translateY = $newPosn;

$newPosn = $newPosn + 1.0;

It is driving me mad as I need to do something more complicated than this, but using the same principle of incrementing by a value each frame!

Thanks in advance!

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I'm guessing frame is supposed to be the current frame. If that's the case then querying the currentTime command is what you want to do. Basically, anything within the `` will be evaluated so you can get a usuable value that you can assign to a variable or compare to another value or whatever. And to assign your $newPosn value to the cube's translateY, then you want to use the setAttr command.

float $newPosn;
if (`currentTime -q` == 1){
$newPosn = 0.0;
setAttr pCube1.translateY $newPosn;
$newPosn = $newPosn + 1.0;

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