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Extrude tool broken

I have been working in Maya since it was Power Animator, 20 plus years so this is NOT a user error. Last time I used Maya (2014, yesterday) everything was fine. But today the extrude tool is totally busted. I can't extrude faces or edges. When I try to extrude edge ,nothing happens I try to drag what would be the extruded edge and all I do is drag the edge. When I try to extrude a face on a cube, it extrudes as I see the edges now have extra blue little squares for the new faces created, but if I drag the face, the selected face remains and just the edges move

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I have never seen anything quite like this and iv'e also been using Maya for a while. The only thing that comes close is last year Maya started doing invisible extrudes, the newley created faces would only show after I refreshed viewport 2. It turned out my gfx card driver had updated and broken the compatibility with Maya.

If you figure this out let us know please I,d be interested to see what caused it

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didn't figure it out. Went into the options and played with everything and the best I could get is that after the extrude it translates the extruded face or edge "out" in some direction. From there I can move it normally like I am use to. Problem is in extruding multiple edges or faces making things kind of cluttered on screen. I Decided to go back to Maya2013. I used that for many years until ,suddenly, my right mouse button on the marking menu failed. In the edit marking menu box there is a "test" button and it worked there, but in the app what came up was something else. Anyway, went back to that to see if I could fix that ( again) but nothing seemed to fix it and I thought that worse than my extrude problem ( I do more animation than modeling) so went back to 2014. Perhaps time to upgrade again or do a reinstall

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