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# 1 22-08-2005, 03:43 PM
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Batch Render Problem

I have had this problem for a while. So i am hoping that someone has already experienced the same thing.....

before i start a batch render i go to the render globals window to select the camera I wish to render (as well as many more appropriate options needed for the render).

For some reason when i start the render it will always be taken from the wrong camera...

Right now i got 5 cameras in my scene i got the default
'persp', 'front', 'side', 'top' and an additional camera "camera1"....

I'll select camera1 in the renderglobals window to render but for some reason when i close the render globals window then reopen it i realize that the option has changed and now render globals is set to render the "persp" camera....

how did the option change by itself....All i did was close and reopen the window;; I tried saving the edited options in a preset but even the preset options come out the same way.
the camera always changes no matter what i do....

I also realized a similar problem.....
when i select a camera in the RenderGlb' window if i am viewing my scene through a diferent camera than the one i selected it will render that camera instead of the one i selected.......

Hope my Q?'s aren't that harsh......

Hope someone can help....

I hope you didn't waste your time reading this line.
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