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Old 01-04-2005, 06:45 PM   #31
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mmm interesting thread, I see where you are coming from Alien Science.

But again its one of those things where a band rears its ugly head so to speak, hands out a couple of belters (literally) and then dies a death. Thats the prob these days with music, its either covered from something 20 years ago or more or if its original material the ideas go as quick as they arrived and everyone forgets about the band completely.

I 'was' a passionate fan of INXS a few moons ago, then the singer had his 'accident' or whatever it was and now thats it. I know the band are trying to recruit a new singer but once its over its over, wait til U2 hang up after all this time they'll be known as legends of this era like the Beatles, Stones etc were years ago, saying that U2 are probably the best band out there to date right now. How many albums!!?? All damn good as I have them all, but to be honest as good as they are I wont lose any sleep over it once they're done, hell, I dont sleep anyway!

Just my 10p
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