Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
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Help with Maya PLE

Hello, my name is Chris Woo. I am doing a Senior Project for my High School on game design. To fufill this project, I am taking a course on creating an educational game based on the Boston Tea Party using the Unreal Editor and Maya PLE. (The class is Advanced Computer Graphics at Boston College).

A the moment I have the task of trying to create a human model to be skinned by another team mate. I am having massive problems with this. I have no idea where to get started. I need help with this as quickly as possible. If someone has an in-depth step by step tutorial or similar learning aide on how to create a character model in Maya PLE, I would really appreciate the help.

I have tried doing the Simple Man Shape tutorial by Kevin, but Maya PLE does not have all of the tools used in the tutorial. I need help very badly and very quickly.

Someone please help me.

Chris Woo.

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Characters are probably one of the most difficult things to model for beginners. You really need to know what you're doing and have at least some experience before you try jumping into something like this. :\

Anyway, I suppose all I can really tell you is to look at for his head tutorial and then try to model the rest of your character with polygons. (shouldn't be trying nurbs at your stage I don't think...) I don't have time to explain an entire character tut right here now becaus I have to go to school, but hopefully someone else will reply soon enough. (they usually do. lol) Try searcing on the web for "character tutorial" maybe

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Antony Ward has a very good character modelling tutorial, you can get it in the download section of his site... -->

regarding e.g. to setup an imageplane, I have made a tut a while back you can get it here... user added image

hope that helps a bit... user added image



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