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Using Maya for Photorealistic rendering

Hi, I am interested in learning a 3D rendering software package. I have been using Rhino for several months and like to make models of objects and vehicles rather than organic creatures.

However the rendering in Rhino is very basic, and I'd like to be able to render photo-real. I like the look of Maya, and like that I have been able to download the Personal Learning Edition for free, however I have been struggling to find any demo galleries on the net showing photo-real renderings from Maya. I am particularly bothered that it doesn't have radiosity. From looking around at other software web pages, the ones on the lightwave site appeared to be the most photo-real to me. Has anyone got any experience in generating photo-real stills from Maya, and any guidance on whether it is the best choice for what I want to do?

I've just read the discussion in the rendering part of the forum, andlike the sound of the brazil renderer which may be coming to Maya. I think I am really wondering about the whole process of modelling and rendering the things I want to, because I don't have an enormous amount of spare time to keep learning new packages and would like to choose one to go forward with.



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You can still model in Rhino and then import into Maya for rendering if you want. As far as getting that photo-real type of look, first thing you need is raytracing, you need to turn that on in the Render Globals as well as on each light. I don't have Maya open right now, but another thing to keep in mind is turning on and off reflections and refractions from objects. You can do that in one of the editors under the Window menu item, can't recall which one right now. As far as global illumination, you'll have to fake it in the Maya renderer right now unless you go and add a plugin for it. The best out there is probably MentalRay, but very costly. But you can also find a few good plugins to use over at highend 3d.

It's nice to have the latest and greatest, but sometimes it's better to concentrate on quality rather than being up with the Jones's user added image But with that being said, welcome to Simply Maya, think you will like it here, lots of good folks always willing to share something,be it a tip, tutorial, or just some foolish chatter user added image Enjoy user added image


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Thanks for the info and tips Darkon. Rather than modelling in Rhino and importing into Maya to render, I am hoping to concentrate my learning on one package for modelling and rendering.

From looking around the SM site at projects people have been working on, I think it looks as if Maya can model everything I need that Rhino does, along with a renderer light years ahead of Rhinos. It may not be quite up to the holy grail of photo-real that I am striving for, but I think it will be me that is the bottleneck on the quality for some time yet !!!

I also think that Alias must be aware of their users views on the Maya renderer performance, so they must be planning to upgrade it in the not-too-distant future.

Yikes. I think after days of deliberating I have finally reached a decision on this user added image Maya it is then!


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