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# 1 26-05-2004 , 11:47 AM
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Rigid binding and lattice flexors - flipping

Hi all,

Here's another of my little oddities. I'm using rigid binding on a hand with lattice flexors applied to the joints.

Once the thing is set up, I find that the flexors on some of the joints invert their middle sections when the joint moves within the first 0.1 degrees or so away from the zero position. After that the flexors flip back to normal and behave properly. Picture attached.

Has anyone else come across this? Is there a solution?

I've tried removing the lattices and replacing them, but I still get the same problem. I've also tried fiddling with the settings, but to no avail.

Many thanks,


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# 2 27-05-2004 , 08:32 PM
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# 3 29-05-2004 , 07:09 PM
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are the joints connected to anything besides the flexors?

# 4 29-05-2004 , 10:08 PM
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They're operated using Set Driven Key, but that's all.

There is an update: I'm trying to save time by pre-rigging one pair of hands to be used for all the characters in the current project. They have to be slightly different sizes for each character, and the scaling appears to be causing the problem (I'm just scaling the joints). I'd really like to avoid having to re-rig the hands for each one of 20 characters!

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