Maya 2020 fundamentals - modelling the real world
Get halfway through a model and find it's an unworkable mess? Can't add edge loops where you need them? Can't subdivide a mesh properly? If any of this sounds familiar check this course out.
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Hehe, thanks for the understanding words Kev. Now you know why a while back I whished there was 36 hrs in a day user added image

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Same here!
I am in a family buisness (Appliance Sales and Service) I have doing that since I was 13years old and I am sick of it! I always loved computers but the buisness was a steady pay check.(plus Dad is not that well so I stay to help him out).

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Studio Arts in Hollywood

Sorry to jump in, but anyone heard of Studio Arts in hollywood, ca? I only know that they used to teach for ppl in the film industry and now they're open for public learning....gnomon seems great but they are expensive

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Im going to bring a post back from the dead here...

I was just wondering if its true that they only allow 8 people at a time in the year and a half course??? i think i read it a few times, but still, i just want to confirm it here user added image

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Originally posted by laz
i was actually thinking about taking some classes at gnomon as i live in L.A. but was kind of scared of the pricing. i thought that that was normal in this kind of classes. is this not the case? does anyone know any other schools that offer 3D courses in L.A?

ps. learning on your own sucks. every time i overcome a problem, another one pops up. very frustrating.

hey Laz,

I'm taking 3d classes at santa monica College, They have a whole departament for Animation. And it is very cheap. check their site

Rodrigo Soares
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i got my hands on some of the vidoes when i was still going to school. one of my teahcers had them. and they where really good.

but nothing beats, kevins videos. try them as well. user added image

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I wish that there was a Buzz3D in the UK offering a four weeks course for $2500 (£1600) including accomodation that would be VERY insightful to go to. Not only would you learn but you would meet people with the same interests and make friends. I find this just as useful since you can exchange ideas and tips and tricks in more depth and perhaps work on projects togeher rather than on your own. Bit like a buddy system in weight training or diving, when one of you is fed up the other with help and encourage the other and vice versa. A bit of encouragement doe wonders.

As far as finding time and having a dull job well I can imagine there are tons of us in that predicament. Let's face it though its a tough business to get into and you have to have talent and ability to try and get in so don't get to dissapointed people. As I have said before you may not work for the likes of Dreamworks or Pixar but you can still get the satisfacion that you can produce work that is a good!

I hope to go part-time in my current job by the end of this year so I can spend more time creating my characters and the worlds that they live in - even if they go nowhere I will feel satisfied that I doing something that I love and feel that I am good at. If I don't go part-time I think I'll find a job where I don't have to travel or have so many responsibilities then I can concertrate more on fulfilling my dreams and feeling creative.

There, that's Gazzamataz's sermon for the day! Now get creating as much as possible and sod the boss and everyone else who thinks you are wastig time!!!

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Originally posted by mrmacca
...and so is Jason Busby. I have a few of his Video training magazines and he's a great teacher....

Jason is a huge teacher but he is NOT the one who teaches Maya in the Rennaisance Center.

I envy you guys who have great Maya learning centers.
and who can get to one of them.



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hi guys,

my first post here -

just wondering if anyone knows much about Escape Studios here in the uk - im thinking of enrolling there after i finish my degree. Apparently they have the only official maya course in uk/europe?? - (Dont hold me to that)

here's the link

escape studios

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I've found that the Gnomon school online videos had very good content but the resolution and picture quality (at least the free ones) made them almost unwatchable. I can't decipher the text when they work. I guess if you're completely au fait with Maya that's no hassle, but as a raw recruit so to speak I'm finding them tough. As a total counterpoint the picture quality of the SimplyMaya video tutorials is perfectly readable, I'm looking forward to the CD versions. The content at SimplyMaya is great too. If I can follow it, anybody can.

Cheers Ryan

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Living in Idaho makes me a permanent long distance learner. That's ok though...I like being out in the middle of nowhere...

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