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which 3D animation school for master degree should i choose?

Hi guys,
I am an undergraduate student, going to graduate soon. I am planing going to America study animation for master degree.

I have done lots of researches on those universities which offer MFA animation programs. But i am not sure which one I should go for. Some of the universities like UCLA animation workshop offers some good courses, but they are like traditional animation(2D animation), i know as 3D animator, they should know the animation basics, but it is not what i really wanted.

I do really like 3D animation, and in the future, i prob going to find a job, as a 3D animator.

Here are some universities that i am interested in:
UCLA animation workshop

California Institute of Arts

University of Southern California

here are some universities which teach 3d animation that recommended from UCLA website:
California Institute of the Arts (CalArts), Valencia, CA.
The School of Visual Arts, New York City, NY
University of Southern California, Los Angeles, CA.
American Animation Institute in North Hollywood, CA.
Associates In Art, in Van Nuys, CA.
Loyola Marymount University, Playa Del Rey, CA.
Sheridan School, Oakville, Ontario, Canada

For me, I have mediate drawing skills. modeling skills, animation skills and design skills. So that in the future i want to be a good animator,( first i need to find a good university which teaches what i want)

If by any chance you guys who know some information, please point a way to me. user added image

Thank you


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I see you have lots of California schools listed. Is California the only state you would like to study in? California is a great state (been here all my life) but sometimes you wonder if living in the soon-to-be most heavily taxed state is worth it.

If you are open to other areas, you may want to look at the program at Texas A & M University:

Graduates from this program seem to be placing well (but remember, its the quality of your work that will land you a job, not the name on your diploma).

Also, have you looked into non-traditional (online) schools such as Animation Mentor? Maybe a Master's degree is a bit much if you're mainly interested in animation.


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