Complex UV Layout in Maya
Over the last couple of years UV layout in Maya has changed for the better. In this course we're going to be taking a look at some of those changes as we UV map an entire character
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Hey everybody!

My name is Chloe. Me and my team came up with D3CRYPT3D in response to the growing issue of artists getting their work pirated after spending countless hours and sweat equity into their work. The beta just launched over a week ago and we have been getting some fabulous responses with regards to improvements, features etc. Here is an updated explanation on how the software works. Please check it out user added image

Also, check out our feature on and

Why would I want to use D3CRYPT3D?

You spend countless hours on your 3D creations. These files are sought after and worth real money. Your assets by nature need to change hands after they are created. Our New Build is up and wanted to say thanks to all those who have tried it. I will always post up here when there are changes to this program. Hope this helps you out. This is a more comprehensive explanation of how our program works.

D3CRYPT3D utilizes AES-256 Bit cryptography to fully encrypt the 3D asset itself. During encryption, SHA-2 hashing is utilized to uniquely identify the asset and allow for tracking. Inside the encryption, identifying metrics are stored which allow for full tracking of the asset from the moment it is encrypted. These metrics remain with the .OBJ file after it is unencrypted. The metrics, however, remain in an encrypted form.

D3CRYPT3D differs from Winzip and 7-zip in several ways:
1. There is no compression algorithm applied
2. The file type remains the same and can be opened in its native application, even in an encrypted state.
3. Asset tracking metrics are embedded in the encryption which allows for tracking throughout the lifecycle of the file.
4. The assets owner is identified by the calling card which gives the artist the ability to promote themselves and control their creations. When someone attempts to open the file, they are directed to the artist to contact them and request the access key.

D3CRYPT3D allows you share your assets with authorized parties and gives you recourse should an asset become pirated or leaked.

The purpose of the beta is to get feedback on vulnerabilities and suggestions on enhancements and feature additions.

The first iteration of the software we release will initially be able to track down the source of a leak. The leak, however, will not be prevented.

In our second iteration of the software, we plan to integrate with several 3D software programs as a plugin and control permissions on the files from inside the programs. In addition, we will introduce a multilayered encryption which is highly enhanced and requires information from multiple separate cloud-based servers in order to properly unencrypt the file.

Without the plugin, you will not be able to unencrypt the file. After the file is unencrypted, what you can and can’t do with the file will be controlled based on the permissions granted by the owner.

Down the line, we will introduce an encryption layer which will allow the file to remain in an encrypted state perpetually from the moment it is encrypted. This layer can then be integrated into gaming engines and 3D printers preventing the ripping of meshes from games while the assets are in play and preventing printing of unauthorized objects. If a person attempts to rip an asset, the resulting meshes will be unusable encrypted data.
We realize this is a never-ending battle. Our solutions will be defeated every so often, but our talented programmers will quickly patch the software vulnerabilities further enhancing the product.

Our cloud-based asset tracking and encryption will enable both artists and major corporate 3D asset holders to gain full transparency into the usage, dissemination, and proliferation of their assets in a managed and controlled fashion allowing them to maximize profits and snuff out piracy.

Our team has a deep and thorough knowledge of how data is stored and managed in Windows, Mac, and Pure Linux-based platforms such that we are able to architect systems and file structures in a manner which utilizes every functional aspect of a segment of data stored on a drive regardless of what platform the system is running.
We are not complicit with any government body. We champion protecting our user's data and strive to create an environment where the creator of an asset is in full control of their digital 3D assets.

D3CRYPT3D is by the artist, for the artist, and will always choose the artist first.
We need your support and feedback to help us in the endeavor of protecting 3D assets worldwide. Too much genius work is being stolen and will continue to be without this intellectual property protection. It’s time for D3CRYTP3D to protect our hard earned creations.
D3CRYPT3D. Protecting your ideas one polygon at a time.

Strong Multi-Layered Encryption: Protect your valuable 3D assets from piracy
Prevents unauthorized access to your assets
Protects against piracy
The file type remains the same and can be opened in its native application, even in an encrypted state.
AES-256 Bit Encryption
Asset Tracking and Control: Know where your assets are and control access to them
Asset tracking metrics are embedded in the encryption which allows for tracking throughout the lifecycle of the file.
Monitor who is accessing your asset
Calling Card: Sign your 3D creations and drive access requests directly to you.
Displays your contact information when unauthorized parties attempt to access your file
Promotes your work and control your creations

How It Works

1. Download and Install D3CRYPT3D-
Installing D3CRYPT3D is as easy as downloading the app and installing in on your computer. It doesn’t require any configuration or maintenance. The software automatically checks for updates each time you run it ensuring you always have the latest version.

2. Register-
Once you have installed the software, register using a valid email address and create a password. You are now ready to begin encrypting and tracking your assets!

3.Begin Encrypting Files and Tracking Your Assets-
Encrypting your files is as easy as dragging and dropping them into the D3CRYPT3D application and clicking the encrypt button! You can drag entire folders of files or one file at a time. Once you have encrypted your file, tracking and protection are now enabled.

Here is the link to download the software- (click "TRY D3CRYPT3D NOW" on the home page)

Check out our feature with Stranger Things lead concept artists, Nuttavut-


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