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# 1 30-08-2004 , 06:36 PM
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Cartoon Dog Help plz, booleans Nurbs>Polygons quads help (not disappearing)

modeled the nurbs section with ease, no issues, however when it comes to he booleans part...
was able to keep all quads with the head/neck/body

however, when it comes time for the leg to boolean to body, the polys go from 3, 4 and 5's... spent hours trying to play around, seriously... lol frustration....

wondering if there is a way, when modeling to plan in advance for the booleans operation, so the geometry will line up more agreeable, and have less Merging of vertices/edges to delete/polys to split

SAVED the work in increments, so can go back at many points, have tried going to the head/neck/body section many times to Boolean the arm to body, same results.... even tried restructuring the nurbs arm alone before nurbs>polys

guessing there is not too much pre-planning you can do....what about "punching a hole" like was done for 2nd leg... way to prepare for that?
(didn't try that yet,,, because wanted to be able to do booleans on 1st)

** in addition.. is there a average POLY COUNT this model should have/// which the finished one Kurt modeled had?** ask this because, with enough "splitting of polys" am sure could fix this issue, but his went so smooth,(sees how to construct quads easy) and i want to get used to keep the POLY COUNT as low as possible

thank you, this has been a very fun/educating tutorial so far... right now though having trouble moving forward

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Couldnt you just create a circular fillet ?

Make the leg intersect the body, select both the body and the leg and then Edit NURBS>Surface Fillet>Circular Fillet. Adjust the fillet diameters in the Attribs to get the size you want. Then copy out the curves of the isoparms for the fillet, and also for the leg (U or V running ones, not both). Then delete the leg and fillet surfaces and loft the curves you've made to create a leg with a smooth join to the body.

I also have had nothing but grief with booleans and the surfaces they create, I only use them now when I can think of no other way of achieving what I want.

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