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# 1 16-03-2007 , 11:22 AM
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Cartoon Dog tutorial using a Mac

Hey guys…

I’m having troubles with the Cartoon dog tutorial. When I attach the dog image to the plan I lose the fluid movement in perspective view. Moving the plan with the dog image becomes very jagged and slow… serious pain in the… I’m guessing this is because of my computer… I have a new MacBook Pro, version 7 Maya… Has anyone else got the same problem?

Anyway, I thought of a way to get around this problem but I’m not entirely sure whether it’s possible. The idea is to trace the dog image onto the plan using a simple drawing/pencil tool. After tracing the dog image I can remove it leaving only the trace that was pencil in?

Has anyone done this, can this be done and what tools can I use?


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Sounds like a graphics card issure, you might be best off installing the latest drivers for it.

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# 3 19-03-2007 , 04:44 AM
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After a couple of hours… I finally got it!!!

All I did was go to material attribute menu, select the material which contains the image plan (not the image itself), then go down the drop down menu until your find “Hardware Texturing”, change the Texture resolution from “default” to whatever setting works best. I have it set on highest and it works great!

Hope this helps other Mac Maya users...

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