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# 1 15-10-2004 , 10:47 AM
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Problem Converting Polys to Cloth

user added image i need help every time i try to convert the polygonal object that i want to make a Cloth object it gives me a error and the object just vanishes. the error is as fallows

Error: Invalid geometry. Solution may be unpredictable.

i dont understand why im getting this error. can anyone give me a possible reason why? ther then what its stating and how i could of come to this point.

as you can see im trying to convert some pants i made out of Polygons into cloth. and yes the pants do have more then one side. as it has pockets....

i was wondering could that be the problem?

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# 2 15-10-2004 , 06:02 PM
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well, i havent used clothing for a long time, but if i remember correctly cant u only make the panels out of curves.....just create curves, then make them panels, sew them together then u have clothing

dont think u can use polys, correct me if im wrong though guys, but im fairly sure, like i said though, its been a long time.

# 3 15-10-2004 , 11:28 PM
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yup you can make cloth out of Polys as i've done it before all you do is select the object then in cloth mode you go into the Cloth Pulldown menu and select "create cloth object".. as thats what i did with my charactors Shirt. and it worked perfect. but like i said no go for the pants. but im kinda guessing its because the pants have more then one face as i pulled out the edges in areas of the pants then created new faces and connected them to make side pant pockets. and when i did that i had to reverse faces on some of the polygons. which makes me think its the pockets that are keeping me from converting it to Cloth. but i was just hoping someone knew why it was doing this other then the idea that came to me. but oooo well.. will have to try to do it in pannels even though im unable to get it into as much detail as i want it when i do.

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