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# 1 20-11-2004 , 03:25 PM
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poly combining and separate


I'm having two separate but related problems.

I am duplicating faces from an existing polygon surface then combining those faces and merging the edges to create a single large poly face. When I do 2 or 3 or even up to 6 faces, the combine works fine. If I try to combine more than 6 faces, Maya crashes.

Thinking it may be my machine, I tried to do my combining on a different computer. But on this computer, when I duplicate the faces I cannot get them to separate from the original poly surface. I have the separate command checked and I have also tried to use the separate command after the duplicating is finished but neither seem to work.

Anyone have any clues about either of these issues?

Thanks much

# 2 20-11-2004 , 06:11 PM
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You might try the extract command instead.

The seperate command will seperate distinct sections of geometry that are not merged together, but are combined together. For example, if you made two spheres and jammed them together without vert-by-vert merging them and then combined them, they'd seperate back into 2 objects with this command.

Extract will take faces out of a piece of geometry even if they are merged.

Can't say I can help with the crash bug... sounds like faulty software.

# 3 24-11-2004 , 08:50 PM
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Hey Guys

Another cool way of doing it is using a script called detach separate, I swear by it, its better than the extract I find.


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