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# 1 19-02-2005 , 09:16 AM
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gunfire cool looking 3D gunfire?

hallo i'd like to know how would you make cool looking gunfire ?

for tanks

i usually use sprites but anyway its hard to make a 3D fire out of
sprites user added image
so i wondered how you would make some fire :p
maby with dynamics ?
just model it out with a cool shader ?

i don't know please advice me user added image

(this pic for example is one of these sprites which i use...)

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# 2 19-02-2005 , 09:09 PM
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ok ok ...

ok i wouldn`t mind if anyone wrights something (even if it has nothing to do with this thread...) user added image

but i'm just interessted in that for my killer mouse so
please tell me or better show me an good example or tutorial on that user added image

# 3 22-02-2005 , 12:10 AM
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I'd do a muzzle flash in A/E or combustion. Are you using any of these to put your scenes together? In Maya you can get by with creating a light. Place it by the muzzle. Work on it's attributes. Animate it flashing on & off. Maybee even animate it's movement. You can also create a primative of your choice. Apply a shader. set color, transparency & incandescence. Animate it on & off. It is a flash. Not much time to study what happened. Remember it's all smoke & mirrers! Good Luck Bob

# 4 22-02-2005 , 02:07 AM
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The sprite concept should still work. Use an animated texture mapped to a plane. Duplicate the plane and rotate it 90 degrees, or use three planes each rotated 60 degress.

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# 5 22-02-2005 , 05:02 PM
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thanks i will try what to do my best

thanks for those ideas...

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