Integrating 3D models with photography
Interested in integrating your 3D work with the real world? This might help
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A few quick questions

How does the crease tool work, what is its purpose ( I guess it creases) I mean in what circumstances would you crease? Are there any online tuts etc to explain?

Where can I find tuts on modelling 'real' cars, ie not the 'kit' style cars that aren't produced, something that I can step back and say, "Yeh, that actually looks like a Mini" etc


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ive never used the crease tool, but i guess it could be used for making creases on skin like wrincles

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I use crease often with subd's. Its good for me when im converting from polygon to subd often to get a smoother version of the mode.

As far as i understand it, it makes the edge sharper so as you would normally have a gentle slope between 3 angles. If you partial crease the middle angle the bend will be sharper. If you full crease it. The bend will go from the first angle to the second angle. then to the third. Almost no bend.

Test it out a few times and you should get to understand it a lot.

You could also crease a vert.

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creases are used on sub D's if you want an edge to look sharper but not be 90 degrees then use 2 or 3 partial creases along an edge, if you want a sharp transition between one area to another say like a crease you would find on a hood then you use full crease along an edge.

If you converted to sub d's and all your corners got smoothed out say along a window then you could select the vertices on the corners and apply a full crease this would then pull them tight


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