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This course will look at the fundamentals of rendering in Arnold. We'll go through the different light types available, cameras, shaders, Arnold's render settings and finally how to split an image into render passes (AOV's), before we then reassemble it i
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lighting with glow & reflection

Hiya peeps!

Im trying to make a disco scene where the tile lights change, as spot lights from ceiling move around, as disco ball rotates reflecting lights.

1) Disco floor = it uses glow attribute for shader, so i dont have to make.. 48 lights underneath.

2) Ceiling lights = they use colored spotlights

3) Disco Ball = phong E w/ reflection + raytracing reflection

The glow works well, lights up in sequence as i want. Even when a spot light shines on it, it look as i want.

But when 2 spot lights meet each other, the glow becomes crazy bright.

I messed with the glow intensity, and its pretty low on the picture but still it gets crazy bright when 2 or more spot lights hit it.

So i messed with the spot lights. Making it decay makes the shape of light casted into wall to disappear, if i raise intensity.. makes glow go crazy again.

So.. would anyone know a way to not let the spot light affect the glow too much? or when spot lights meet, let it not add up too much light? The floor is blinn, and i tried getting rid of all specularity and reflectivity.


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i dont think theres a way to prevent the spot light from affecting the glow.

but what you can do is, reduce the brightness of the glow so when the lights make contact, it won't be super bright.

to do this visit the shaderGlow shader in hypershade. in the attribute editor bump down the "threshold" value in the global shaderglow node.

Another option is to turn of the auto exposure in this node, this will re-evaluate the glow intensity level per frame so when the lights it, the glow intensity doesn't keep rising as more lights hit it so it stays at a contant level.

but a better alternative is to create a single light then instance it onto particles, write an expression so the lights pop on and off randomly, now particle instancing won't allow this but you can download a mel script from highend 3d that will allow it, its called "jms_pr"

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ah thank you. at first i could not find where "glowShader" was at. Now i found it.

But in attributes, i just noticed that the threshold is set to "0.000" i did not use "glowShader".

Thank you very much, i will mess with this and try to understand it more.

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