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# 1 04-06-2005 , 11:25 PM
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image plane problems!

i've got a side image of angelina jolie that isnt a perfect profile because she is turned towards the camera a little

this is presenting some problems

im trying to line them up in photoshop so that they are perfect but it is proving somewhat impossible

can someone help me?

i attached a screenshot


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# 2 05-06-2005 , 01:57 AM
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try to use transform edit, and try shifting the angle.

i modeled angelina jolie too, and i had that problem

# 3 05-06-2005 , 02:37 AM
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u think i should just rotate the right photo counter-clockwise?

what about the fact that the side photo isnt a real true profile? which reference photos did u use? i'd like to see what yours looks like

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