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color manipulation


I have finished a project and now I am in the process of doing some final touch ups, but I notice some odd things in the attribut editor and was wondering if someone has an explanation:

I have assigned a color and texture to each geometric object in the scene, but when I go in the edit attribue box to play with the color a little, it shows that I have chosen Lambert1 (from the first maya tutorial that I haven't touvched since!) and that I have a file attached to this color. It's odd because in the maya scene or render window, I can see the proer color, but I can't change it in the attribut editor... :headbang:

So I believe that if I can get rid of that file it is mapped/attached to, it should show the appropriate color. My problem is, I don't know how to unattach a file from the color?

Thank you very much in advance,

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in the hypershade right click on your material that your talkin about, then goto 'graph network' then you should see the file, just select and delete it user added image

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Thank you so much Matt! You just made my day user added image

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