Introduction to Maya - Modeling Fundamentals Vol 2
This course will look in the fundamentals of modeling in Maya with an emphasis on creating good topology. It's aimed at people that have some modeling experience in Maya but are having trouble with complex objects.
# 1 24-11-2005 , 10:08 AM
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Skeleton wont stay with model

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Hey pplz i hav another problem, i've been having trouble trying 2 keep my skeleton with my model. After i make the skeleton i want 2 bind it with my model, i select Skin => Bind Skin => Smooth Bind and it works great until i try 2 move a part of the model, i'll select a joint to move and its like the skeleton moves half as slow as the model and the model also streches and looks non realistic. i think the non realistic look is because i havent set any limitations on any joints but i still get the leap frog effect. in simple terms i try moving a joint and it leaps out of the model.. I've looked through the forums and through maya help but i cant find an answer (if theres somthing in the forums about this plz tell me, i've also looked through the free tutorial (Skeleton basics part 1, if any1 no's where i can get another part wich may help me plz tell) , if ANY1 out there could giv me a hand it will b much appreciated and i'll return the favour..

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Sounds to me like Double transformation ..

Make sure your skin is NOT grouped OR parented with the skeleton, and at the same time being used as a skin ..

Outliner example :


if you need certain parts of your object to follow a bone exactly, then dont bind it as a skin, but parent the object instead.

Outliner Example:

POLYGON_OBJECT (not bound as skin - only parented)

I hope it helps..

Carsten Lind
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user added image how do u parent??? :headbang:

i kinda get what you mean but i'm still having trouble with it so if any1 could help me out a little more it would be much appreciated... but thanx anyway Carsten user added image


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Originally posted by Daniel_Spinello
user added image how do u parent???

Press p is default tooltip, or you can go to Edit>Parent. To unparents is default P (capitol p) and you can find that right under Parent in the Edit menu.

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