Beer glass scene creation
This course contains a little bit of everything with modeling, UVing, texturing and dynamics in Maya, as well as compositing multilayered EXR's in Photoshop.
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Ferrari Spider

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lookin nice
but its a bit too dark for me e.g wheels and inside the car

the rims standout to much i think. mainly cos they're bight and the wheels and wheel cove thinkg is dark

nice to see uve gone for a colour other than red


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nice modeling but like pbman says the rims maybe need a a better reflection as they appear white and the inside and tyres need some lighting.user added image

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on the related issue of darkness, the cars interior is too dark to see the geometry. Other than that, sweet model user added image

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Hello Axer,

Nice work so far, it looks as though an edge crease has been missed on the rear panel though.

Keep it up,


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damm happy mat u have a good eye
now u say it its obivious but woa

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nice modeling.
things that stand out when i look at it are:
1/ sidewindow mirrors, looks like its just floating the in the air- probably cause the interior is pitch black and kind of makes the side patch at the window disappear

2/wheel arch and surround geometry the lines that gives the definition is abit wonky.. meaning its not straight, tends to dip up and down and the width isnt constant.

3/colour conflicts

apart from that good work!

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Thank you all for taking the time commenting and encouraging

Pbman and Magicsy - You are absolutely right the wheel region and interior needs to be brighter with better reflections , will get on it.

Lipski - I will brighten the interior was trying to simulate black leather seats , you are right there is hardly any specualrity to define the shapes of the interiors. I will get on top of it .

Happymat27 - Thanks a lot for pointing out the crease , i will get on top of it.

Cung - I will brighten the interiors and hopefully that will take care of the floating effect or ill try another shader

- You are right the wheel arch surrounding geometry is dipping in places , i will mess around with it and try to get it more flowing if not i will try and make a new one.

- color conflicts. the floor and the car color dont have much contrast between them, will try and give the floor another material so that the car color pops a bit more.


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