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# 1 21-02-2006 , 11:00 PM
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Animated Short Film: A Knight To Remember

Hey guys.

I thought I'd post my short film here. I'm primarily a character animator (as will be obvious when you watch my film) and would welcome the chance to work with other skilled CG artists on additional independent films.

My email is at the bottom of my web site if you're interested in contacting me.


# 2 22-02-2006 , 01:11 AM
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Hehe.. that one was cool as hell! Bravo! Nothing to complain about. Good animation and fun story.

# 3 22-02-2006 , 07:01 AM
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I love it! Nice sense of humour you have there.

Take it easy,


# 4 22-02-2006 , 08:51 AM
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very very nice! cant wait to be able to do stuff like this!! very funny and original, n some cool animation.Well done guys!!!user added image user added image

u really cant beat a nice animation short user added image

# 5 22-02-2006 , 10:14 AM
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Love the story book quality rendering! Character animation was top notch! I had to save this one to my HD! user added image

# 6 22-02-2006 , 01:53 PM
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Very nice !! Funny thing, good idea and great animations !! user added image

# 7 26-05-2006 , 08:52 PM
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thanks for the comments!

hope you enjoyed the show.


# 8 26-05-2006 , 10:55 PM
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we sure did. :attn:

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# 9 29-05-2006 , 08:13 PM
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Nice work there.
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The girl looked very real, and the knight just looked funny. Classic slap-stick humor. I'm guessing the other knight(the one he fought) was ugly too? She was running from him?

Good job, I like it

# 10 31-05-2006 , 01:44 PM
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i sent you an e-mail, monkeylips1

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# 11 01-06-2006 , 05:03 PM
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is it still there i coudl nto download it just got a quicktiem pic with a question mark and ive just updated reinstalled quicktime

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# 12 01-06-2006 , 07:43 PM
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Animation books etc.


Can you recommend any reference books etc for animating. I'm interested in character animation as well. I've modeled a few characters but I want to start rigging and animating.

I love the movement and hesitations.


# 13 01-06-2006 , 11:17 PM
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A lot of people think they have to make things look completely realistic to do an outstanding animation, which is really not true. This animation would be great for a demo real or maybe even a short to add to some type of production. Great creativity. . .

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# 14 18-08-2006 , 06:27 PM
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HAHAHA BEST ANIMATION EVER! youved done a great job which the motion in the characters... i will always remember that short film lol.... great effect and keep up the brilliant work man!
user added image :attn: :bow:

# 15 19-08-2006 , 05:29 AM
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Excellent Sense of humor,
Even better the animatoin and rendering
Nothing there to critisize about
Great Job !
user added image :attn:
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